Add your camera

You can add your own camera to the site, and your name can appear at the unique camera post, in the “Image sent by:” area (the site has a one post per camera model policy).

To do this, just send an email at with the image taken with that camera. If we do not have the camera model, we will add it (restrictions and selections apply based on various rules) and publish a post with the image and your name.

Email details:

  • the Subject must contain the maker and model of camera (e.g Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • the image must be attached
  • if you want your name to appear in the “Image sent by:” area, just add the name in the contents of the email.


Images must comply with these rules:

  • not be in violation of copyright rules
  • to be appropiate (legally, e.a.)
  • there must be only one post about a camera model, with a restricted number of images per post
  • and other reasonable rules.